The Verizon Plan


One family. Different Unlimited Plans.


It's the end of the one-size-fits-all family plan. Get the plan you need without paying for things you don't. Now you can choose from three different Unlimited plans - all on the same, easy to manage account.


# Lines Go Unlimited Beyond Unlimited** Above Unlimited***
4+ Lines $40/line* $50/line* $65/line*
3 lines $50/line* $60/line* $75/line*
2 lines $65/line* $80/line* $95/line*
1 line $75* $85* $100*

*Per month, per line purchased on device payment. Plus taxes & fees. When you enroll in Auto Pay and paper-free billing. Max 10 Lines that mix and match on an account. 

**4G LTE only. After 22 GB/line/mo, we may prioritize your data behind other Verizon customers during network congestion. Mobile hotspot/tethering reduced to 3G speeds after 10 GB/month; domestic data roaming at 2G speeds; int’l data reduced to 2G speeds after 500 MB/day. Discounts not available.

***Premium Unlimited 4G LTE Data on Above Unlimited Plan (75GB). After 75GB, in times of congestion your data may be temprarily slower than other traffic.

Don't need unlimited? Choose a size that works for you below.

Small 2 GB* $35
Medium 4 GB* $50
Large 8 GB* $70
Devices Monthly Line Access (Per Device)
Smartphones $20
Basic Phones $20
Verizon Jetpack®/USBs (S,M, & L Plans) $10
Verizon Jetpack®/USBs (Unlmited Plan) $20
Tablets (S,M, & L Plans) $10
Tablets (Unlimited Plan) $20
Connected Devices $10

*Extra Data is $15 per 1 GB

The Single line Prepaid Plan

A Smarter Prepaid Plan that is designed with you in mind

Take a look at our single line plan pricing. 


Compare Plans $75/mo $60/mo $50/mo $40/mo $30/mo
High Speed Data Unlimited First 10GB First 7GB First 3GB First 500MB
Carryover Data   X X X X
Unlimited Talk/Text in the US X X X X X
Unlimited Text to over 200 International Destinations X X X X X
Mobile Hotspot X X X X X
Unlimited Talk to Mexico and Canada X X      
The Prepaid Family Plan


Smartphone plans

Mix & match plans and save when you add 2-5 lines. 

That's smart. That's family-sized Prepaid.


Everyone gets:

  • Unlimited US Talk and Text 
  • Carryover data 
  • Unlimited Text to 200 international destinations 
  • Mobile hot spot 
  • A smarter Prepaid Family sized.
Plan 3GB 7GB 10GB Unlimited
First line price $40 $50 $60 $75
2-5 line discount $10 off $15 off $20 off $20 off
2-5 line pricing $30 $35 $40 $60


International Options for Prepaid

International Messaging (while in the US)

Text your friends and family worldwide from the US.

You can text your friends and family in over 200 international destinations with your monthly prepaid plan.


Unlimited Together - North America (while in the US)

Enjoy unlimited long distance calls on your prepaid plan from the US to Mexico and Canada for just $5/mo. You can also make discounted calls to over 230 destinations.*


Travel Pass (While traveling outside the US)

It’s easy to stay connected when you travel. Travel Pass allows you to take your domestic talk, text and data allowances with you for a low daily rate. You’re only charged on the days you use your wireless plan abroad, so you can stay in touch when you’re on the go.

$5/day per line in Mexico, Canada, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

$10/day per line in more than 30+ other destinations